Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Shopping... Bah, Humbug Part I

The first part of Christmas shopping inevitably involves parking. I found this article entertaining. It categorizes parking habits... the "stalker", the "lay and wait", etc. Such categories, and related advice, could have an application to some Stake Conferences I've been to. Let me just state, for the record, that I can't stand the people who sit there with their blinker on, while you load your groceries, kids and self into the car. They hold up traffic, make other people hostile, and blame you for the delay.

I've had people look visibly irritated when they realize that now I have to strap the kids into their carseats. I also find it entertaining that as these people sit here, multiple other spaces typically open--some closer to the entrance than the one they are awaiting.

The other aspect is that in the time they've waited for my space, they could have walked the entire length of the parking lot twice. I can see why elderly drivers or those with unusual circumstances may want the close space, but really, some people just need to get a grip. Another 25' of walking might actually do good for some of these people!


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