Friday, February 25, 2005

LDS "Culture" Mentioned on News

As I was driving to work I listened (as I do each morning) to Paul Harvey. He's by far my favorite newscaster (86 years old and going strong, with 9 years left on his broadcast contract!). This morning he said something that caught my attention:

For the record, disabled Americans in Utah seek and receive less [spendable?] money than those in other states. V.A. representatives so say. Thus Washington DC has learned that there is a cultural and religious emphasis on self-reliance in Utah. Where veterans in Maine receive $270 million in pensions, in Utah, the same number of veterans receive about half that."
Nice to see that some people have taken notice. On many occasions Church leaders have been called upon to answer questions regarding the Church Welfare program for various government officials and agencies.

You can catch the archive of this broadcast on Paul Harvey's website. This blurb is mentioned at about 3:40 into the broadcast, so you can slide the bar over to that point, or else listen to the entire broadcast including an advertisement for "Ocular Nutrition" (such ads make me wonder if, age-wise, I'm in the demographic minority of his audience).


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