Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Meeting and a Jog

I told Anne, before leaving for a meeting last week, that I'd be back in about 45 minutes. When I returned two hours later she wasn't surprised, as she had seen the agenda and knew there was no way that meeting would be under 1.5 hours. Smart woman, she knows me and how I get talking.

I had talked with a friend from church a few months ago about running. I like to run, but am only diligent about it when I have a running partner.

My college roommate lived nearby when we still lived in Utah, and he and I would run a few times a week on the Jordan River Parkway. There were days when I'd be feeling like death, but I'd keep running because, you know, you can't wimp out in front of someone.

One time I mentioned that to him, and he laughed and said, "You have no idea how many times I'd have quit if you weren't charging along next to me." The irony is, there were probably days when we were both silently cursing the other!

So as we were leaving the meeting last week, this guy mentioned he was going to go for a run that night. I asked him how far/how fast/etc he planned to run, and we agreed to meet in about an hour. (cue Anne: You're going running at 10:15 PM?)

It was a good run, especially considering I've been a complete slacker since, well, when did we move here from Utah?


At April 13, 2005 7:40 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

Good for you!

I lost my walking partner and boy do I know it! I got a dog, but instead of walking more, I am now walking less while I watch her play with her friends.

Although as a girl I would run for the joy of it, now I cannot even imagine jogging. ahh, the sad sands of time.

I am glad that you found a new running partner. What productive meetings you have!


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