Thursday, March 17, 2005

Come Again?

We have some friends that have been wanting to come visit our area for a while now. They've actually expressed interest in moving out this way, given the good job market and what have you. As far as the housing market, well, it's good if (A) you already own a home in the area, or a mansion somewhere else, (B) you plan on knocking over a bank or two before you buy.

So I was chatting recently with this friend, and he said they were thinking they might come for a visit in the fall. That's certainly a nice time of year to visit weather-wise.

However, at the end of the conversation, he said something that I didn't quite connect with until the next day. He said, "Yeah, and by then I'll have about two weeks of vacation banked up!"

Now, I've always thought this visit might be a long weekend. So, when he said this, my first thought was that he was just thinking ahead, you know, that he'd take a couple of days off of work, and he'd have plenty of leave leftover. But the more I thought about it, the realization set in that they are planning a much longer visit than we had originally thought. I have to say that I love my friends and family dearly, but there are precious few people I can imagine being around for two weeks.

I think we'll be "out of town" that month.


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