Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Moving, Revisited

So I tried to post this a few days ago. But Blogger was having a brain freeze or something, and after 20 minutes I gave up. At one point, Blogger half-posted my blog, and it looked pretty funky. Kind of like, "This is your blog. (crack, sizzle) This is your blog on drugs."

Anyway, you'll recall our discussion on moving. Well, a few weeks ago I was helping a couple move in. I was praising these people up and down! They called three weeks before they got here, and brought their own family members to help! Plus, they were moving into a first floor apartment. Piece of cake!

They have friends in our ward who moved in last summer, and they were also on hand to help out. So we were joking about the day they moved in, and she reminded me of something I said.

A: "By the way, I've told them about your move-out policy."

Me: ".... move ... out ... policy?"

A: "Yeah, that you require six months solid home teaching for any move-out assistance."

Me, with pensive, semi-evil grin forming: "That's not a bad idea! Where did you get this?"

A: "From you."

Me: "From ME? When?!"

A: "The day you helped us move in."
Whoops! I said that the day they moved in?! Truth be told, she and her husband are really funny, and I must have sensed that. She reminded me that when they moved in, it was into a third floor apartment, in the midst of blazing heat and humidity.

Ahh, yes, I remember now. I'm sure I said some other things I've since gladly forgotten. ;)


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