Friday, March 31, 2006

Go Patriots!

Please, make my degree even more valuable! Err, I mean.. good luck!

Miracle Max: Have fun stormin' da Gators, boys!

Valerie: Think it'll work?

Miracle Max: It would take a miracle.

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

After my last post, some BYU fans tracked me down and beat the pulp out of me. I've just been released from the hospital.

Okay, so maybe that didn't happen. But it would sure make for good blogging, wouldn't it?

Truth be told, I suffered from blog atrophy. I got busy in other endeavors, and slowly but surely the blog slipped further and further from the list of "to do" to the list of "would like to do" to the list of "should do at some point" to the list of "I did what?".

I was reading over on Times and Seasons today (after all, they still link to me, so why shouldn't I publicly mention that I read their blog?) and Gordon was writing about his lack of blogging, and how the longer he went without blogging, the more hesitant he was to resume blogging, etc. A vicious cycle!

What have I been doing with myself? Well, you can assume that I've been using all my free time to read my scriptures, record accurate journal entries, conduct extensive family history research, and in general act in a charitable manner to all of my fellow citizens on earth. I'm not saying you would be even close to accurate, but you can assume that if you wish.

More to follow.