Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reality Check: Finances of "Ordinary People"

So the other day I read this article on how ordinary people are transforming themselves into millionaires.

And, as many of you can relate to, money in a single-income family is something that you have to monitor closely. So I read a few of these stories. The one that left me laughing, however, was this one.

The article gushes about how this couple saves 25% of their annual income. Impressive, indeed. Until you read on and discover that this two-income couple with no children earns a combined annual income of $185,000.

So, let's review:
  • Two work-a-holics
  • No kids
  • 185 large each year

No offense, but if these people were NOT saving at LEAST 25% of their annual income, I'd say they were crazy. Nay, reckless. What on earth are they spending the other $140k on? Sure, they're probably getting nailed on taxes. But I'm hardly astounded by their 25% savings rate.

One excerpt I found entertaining:

In purchasing Lori's car, one of the couple's biggest expenditures, he negotiated a price below the invoice and a very low interest rate... Matt drives a used vehicle - an '03 Infiniti G35 that he bought with low mileage.

This poor guy, forced to drive a used Infiniti to save money. How can he ever show his face at the country club?

Okay, my venting is over. I'll settle for our current financial track, without the constant worries of what to do with all that excess cash floating around. In closing, a quote from one of my favorite theatrical works:
Perchik: Money is the world's curse.

Tevye: May the Lord smite me with it! And may I never recover!